Sunday, June 10, 2012

words to the why's

In this, the 3rd installment covering bootcamp weekend, our increasingly disciplined young artist learns about copyright laws & intellectual property law & contracts; receives advice on fundraising & an overview of NYFA's considerable resources, many of which she's been underutilizing; shares some of her goals; and reviews the 'artist action plan' in preparation for working on it in the next several weeks. Action? Plan? Me? Exactly. Then when we meet up again in July, we'll talk about the things we said we'd do and see if we did 'em yet, or at least started to. I like the idea of accountability. After investing the time, you want to see it through. Of course I have always been accountable to myself, but it's so easy sometimes to let that slide if it feels like nothing matters. Doing this program is like shouting bravely from the rooftops, "Hey! This matters!"
I took a long walk at sunset to burn off some pent-up physical energy, while all the information bubbled around in my head and that to-do list grew. Back behind the wheel in the morning. Haven't posted any pictures in a while; it was all about words this week. I'll get back to the pictures next time.

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