Friday, June 8, 2012

camping it up

I arrived in Syracuse late this afternoon (a 4-hr drive) for the NYFA artist boot camp, where I am lucky to have a friend's house to stay in. I drove over to the campus where the sessions are taking place. There are about 30 artists, and we began by, naturally, introducing ourselves in front of everyone, a 2-minute presentation of who-am-I, what-do-I-do, why-am-I-here. Apparently I did all right, because several people afterwards said they liked my presentation and even my body language. Sometimes I don't even remember what I said, because I get keyed-up and my energy is going into NOT getting flustered, and focusing on what I want to say, and keeping my voice clear and audible. I felt good. I had the sense that I held in my heart someone I loved, who was proud of me for doing this for my work.
Then we formed groups and discussed the networking assignment we'd completed in the past week: to attend an event, meet a couple of new people and consider what kind of connections were possible. (I had gone to an event in Beacon yesterday evening.) This went well, too. Afterwards we went out for sushi and continued 'mingling'. I am looking at my papers, feeling very positive already, but need to go to sleep so I can be alert for tomorrow.

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