Friday, June 1, 2012

tiny answer

These are 2"x3" each, acrylic on canvas, made in the summer of 2010 partly to try and create an image very small that might nevertheless hold a lot of info within its diminutive dimensions. People might think that because I do paintings like this I must deeply enjoy being so meticulous, but I don't necessarily.. though I must derive some pleasure from the intensity of focus it requires. Mostly I think I just wanted to see these images in their entirety, down on a canvas, in their satisfying economy of size.  

diner near the taconic parkway, from a photo taken by a friend with me in mind.

 rounding a corner in beacon, after an evening bike ride. 

cartons stacked on the dash of an old ice-cream truck at the rhinebeck car show. 

just an old truck in a hudson valley field in summer.

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