Monday, September 29, 2014

glove story

Working hands. And these are just from the past month or so, except the taped relic from last winter. 

Sometimes they want it stacked like this.

Sometimes they want it stacked like this. And in the 3rd hour she rested.

Sometimes they want it stacked like this. (This is four units, carted up across the lawn.)

Two paintings at Newburgh Small Works, to coincide with Open Studios.

Cluster of my paintings on my friend's studio wall for the weekend. Met some new people, sold a couple things and drank wine in the afternoons. Now back to my regularly scheduled stacking program.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

self portrait

I made a new painting that will be included in a show opening tonight Sat Sept 27, called Narcissism and the Self-Portrait, at Ann St Gallery in Newburgh. 104 Ann St. Reception is 6:30-8:30pm. It will be up through Nov 22. More info about the show and the gallery at the link. 
I will try to replace this with a better photo; this one makes it look all soft and faded out, but in fact it is much darker and the brushstrokes more evident. I guess I am making a point to emphasize this because I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I am pleased in the end by its texture (invisible here) and my ability to create a semblance of my appearance in paint- a rare attempt, and one I was glad to receive the challenge to have. I am lounging against an antique Packard, peach in hand.
The painting, The Rest is History, is 13"x20" acrylic on wood.

Friday, September 26, 2014

newburgh open studios

It's tomorrow and Sunday, September 26 and 27, 11am-5pm. I will have new and recent work installed in my friend Bruno Krauchthaler's studio in the Atlas Industries building at 11 Spring St in Newburgh.  Maps for self-guided tours are available at Newburgh Art Supply, on Grand St (off Broadway), and at most of the studios. Tonight 7pm there is a kickoff party to which all are welcome, at Teran Studio on 119 Broadway. Looks like it will be a nice weekend! I will show some of the ice cream wrapper paintings and a few other paintings/drawings from the past 4 months.

remember your roots

It's been a staggeringly long time- most of September-  since I posted something, and I'm not even sure why, since I've been making work and doing stuff. The irony was that I'd originally planned this to be a make-and-post-a-painting-a-day month- but the required discipline and ability to ruthlessly, efficiently structure my time, eluded me. I made two 8x10" oil paintings right off the mark. But I felt there was a whiff of stagnancy about them. Though if I had persisted and done thirty of them, the number at least would demonstrate some kind of focus.  Nevertheless. It's not too late, as with most self-motivated practices. And I'll post twice a day to compensate.
Two weeks ago I made this painting for my nephew Ben for his 21st birthday. He may be legal now to order real beer- and has been well-versed in the responsible consumption of alcohol, and in fact ordered a flight of small amber-hued drafts at his birthday dinner- but he always liked root beer as a kid.