Tuesday, June 26, 2012

double or nothing

Yesterday I just shipped off a group of paintings to a gallery in Las Vegas NV, TastySpace. I'm having a solo show there in July! I will post the poster soon, which my friend is designing. I won't be able to attend the opening, so it is up to my paintings to speak for me. This is fine. I would love to go, but now isn't quite the time. I had never mailed more than a couple paintings at once, so I had some anxiety (and a few deep breaths at the post office), but I am excited to have the opportunity to exhibit somewhere new, and particularly across the country! I did exhibit my work in Truth or Consequences, but as part of the Art Hop one Saturday. How I'd like to make it out there again, too. I have likely mentioned this once or twice.
This is the selection for the show, along with some mini car/map-collages, titled "Road Trip":
 Most of these works are from the past year, a few are older (Radio Train in upper left & Mixer in lower right are from '07, and Little Red Lighthouse is from '02!). But I think they will hang well, and that together they offer a sense of collecting images of places and objects as one moves along.
I didn't give the paintings any money, because I don't trust them out there in casino-land; who knows what trouble they'd get up to. Plus what if they met other paintings and got married? No, they'll have to earn their cash on the walls. At least that's what I'm betting on.

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