Friday, June 22, 2012

chalk and roll

I've participated in the Perry Chalk Art Festival a couple of times before, but this year I'm the 'featured artist', meaning in addition to a fun day of chalking, music, food and farmer's market festivities, I'll have a show at the Upstairs Gallery at the Arts Council on Main St. The opening is Fri July 13, and the Chalk Fest is Sat July 14. Here's a photo of me & my square (& my shadow) in 2010. Theme was 'In the Garden', so I purchased a fresh bouquet of flowers from one of the vendors and set to work:

This photo is from the same weekend, it's my nephew Sol with his birthday balloons, so cute I had to post it. Bonus that he's wearing my dummy light t-shirt. Perry, NY is where my brother Rick and his family live, so I do have additional interest in the town beyond chalk.
I've been assembling a group of paintings from the past couple years to exhibit, including one or two that were based on local places, because I often take pictures when I am in town. In fact, my first rusty truck painting was from a dilapidated vehicle I found by the Silver Lake Trail. I wasn't sure why I was drawn to it, but it certainly started something. 
This one, I photographed a couple years ago but never painted, it was just enough the way it was, abandoned to rust in the middle of a field overgrown by midsummer wildflowers. 

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