Friday, January 31, 2014

pete seeger

Right before I moved to Beacon seven years ago today, I was walking down the cold & sleepy Main St when I heard a crew of musicians playing what seemed to be a spontaneous concert and singalong on a corner near the creek. I remember thinking, "I'm not surprised. Of course there's music, this is Beacon, where Pete Seeger lives," but he was more a legendary figure I'd learned about when I first grew to love folk music. (The next thought was, "Oh I'm so moving here.") I didn't realize I'd actually see him around. When I did- and we never spoke, just a smile exchanged- I felt quietly pleased- a little awe, a lot of appreciation. I've loved seeing people sharing stories, songs, photos, and reflections this week, here in my community and far beyond. To live a life like that.

dinner roll

One more diner; this one is somewhere else upstate. From a drawing I did a long time ago. (7"x8" acrylic on wood)

And this is another Plum Ford (6"x6" acrylic on wood). Both sold!
And that about wraps up January.. not too many posts this month, but that's how it goes when your toes are froze.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

new etsy shop

I finally created an online shop for my work today on the website Etsy, featuring a changing selection of my smaller paintings, works on paper, and prints for sale! Here's that link again: I'm sure I'll need to do some refining, and it's not fancy, but I'm glad to have it open. Already sold a painting. I will continue to add more work because it occurs to me I have quite a few small pieces that I like a lot, and here's a way to get them out there, if I can navigate through the millions of other sellers. However, I'm looking to connect first with people who have already expressed interest in my work. Free calendar with any purchase (while supplies last) through Feb if you use the word BLOG in a note at checkout. That's as much sales-speak as I can muster at the moment!
For example, this delightful 5"x5" painting is $150.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Instead of launching into a big story of why it's been 17 days since I last posted (no precise reason at all, aside from apparently waiting until I had a couple of new little paintings), I'll just begin anew. I spent some hours in my little studio for the first time in awhile. I stacked more wood, saw some art, took down the Small Works show at Catalyst and put up some of our own paintings for the two weeks before the next show. I was glad to have the opportunity to display my Edsel hubcap next to the painting of the car itself. Balmville Motel (oil) and Hershey's Cocoa (acrylic) are based on two sketches I already had, but never made paintings from. Both 7" x 8.5". The others are not new but it's good for the old ego to see the pieces up alongside each other. Think it will be a good year.