Friday, April 29, 2011


I seem to have saved most everything for the last moment, and have procrastinated myself right into this blossoming green leafy Hudson Valley spring morning. Thinking I could just fling my art supplies into a suitcase, but traveling by air leads me to carefully consider every jar of paint, every drawing pad and stretcher bar. Choosing each brush. I rather enjoyed this process, throwing away empty crusted tubes and frayed brushes, actually having an idea of the colors I've got and the tools ready to use, instead of riffling hopefully through messy trays and boxes. I even know which of my drawing pens still have ink in them, and tossed the others. Small accomplishments, but it feels good to know exactly what I've got, like getting rid of the unworn clothes mashed in the back of your drawers and closet. After all, you only wear your favorites anyway, in the same spirit as you reach for the particular brush that lays the fresh paint down just how you wanted it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

starting my blog

Well, this is about as far as I've gotten, for the moment. Whew! Time for a popsicle. Here's a picture of me with some of my paintings for my kickoff post. I'd been thinking of starting a blog for quite some time, a way to keep people up to date on my art doings in a more immediate way than can be done on my website. As time goes on, I will likely branch out into other subjects that interest or occupy me, which is why the blog is eponymous, at least for the time being.
The main thing prompting me to get this off the ground is that I'll be leaving in a few days for a monthlong artist residency in New Mexico. Following that, I have another residency on a farm in upstate New York. I am very excited. This will be an entirely new experience for me, to be in a quite different place for even a month's time, solely to soak up a new environment, to paint, draw and.. think. I have made some changes in my life to be able to do it, such as moving out of my apartment, stashing my stuff, and generally upending my sense of stability. Who needs stability anyway? My intent is to knock myself off balance for a while, and to return invigorated.