Sunday, February 26, 2012

glitz without futz

Snowed all night and day. Over a foot but it blew and drifted, was deeper in parts. All the more beautiful for not having to work/drive in it. Everyone was excited to witness an ordinary Vermont snowstorm, the first (even here) and possibly my only one of the season, and how it transformed our surroundings so quickly.

Where artists go to release all their built-up energy from being in their studios all day. I belted out a few songs, shook my hair around and followed up with a 2 a.m. round of snowball-slinging.
This is the glitz. I wanted to see if I could get the gist of a disco ball without getting too fixed on the details. I sketched it in acrylics, was disappointed by its flatness and put it away for a couple days, then went in and attacked it with oils, brush brush brush, to get the spontaneous light/dark from the photo I'd taken. Then to stop. I liked painting the different shades of white squares (whatever it was reflecting) while the white snow swirled outside. 11"x14" on panel. Enjoying texture of oil paint on smooth surface. I hope it appears basically glittery in a painterly way.

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