Friday, February 10, 2012

dream workweek

Wrapping up my first 5 days at VSC. I'm still needing (or wanting, anyway) more sleep than usual; maybe it's because I CAN sleep, in my little world here bounded by rejuvenation and productivity. That's how I felt in NM & at the farm, except I didn't need so much sleep then, I rose with the sun. Now I'm on my winter clock. I still awaken early (particularly on the mornings I have kitchen duty).
I went to a life drawing session today and here's a 20-min 12"x18" sketch. Hadn't done this in a few years. It's available to us here every weekday.
Here is the finished adding machine painting! I must say, I think it looks good.
Also finished the small one I showed 'in progress' the other day. Still simple. Recently bought two tubes of cadmiums red and orange, the real deals. No 'hue' about it. Want to use them in something bigger. Such vivid pigment. The kind of paint that spoils you for the cheap stuff, like most things.
Charcoal sketch of the old Carvel sign I'd seen. I bought a pad of brightly colored paper which startles me every time I open it, the colors go against my grain but that's why I thought I'd try drawing on it.

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