Sunday, February 5, 2012

to vermont

I'm here!
VSC's Red Mill building on the Gihon River.
the knitted sweater-vest, such as it is.
view from the 2nd floor of the art barn at Better Farm in winter.

Today I drove to Johnson, Vermont from northern NY, an uneventful 4-hr journey along open roads through snow-covered fields and small towns. I'd driven up to Better Farm, site of last June's residency, for a short visit before coming here. I am lucky to feel welcome and at home in several different places. I finished (for now) the garment I'd been knitting, which I recently referred to as a vest but is more of a funky torso-warmer with shoulder straps. I arrived at the Vermont Studio Center late this afternoon and have settled in.. I'm in awe, rather happily delirious, and tired too, which is usually the case with so many new things to take in. The next four weeks are going to be great. As I'd expected, this place is amazing. I was right about it functioning as some kind of reward for myself after a long work season. The fellow who works in the office here remembered me from when we spoke on the phone last winter, greeting me with, "You're the wood stacker, aren't you?" Later, as we began the tour, he mentioned that it was nice to meet the artists and writers with whom he'd spoke with and to put the names to the faces, and how you find out all sorts of interesting details about people. This he said while smiling in my direction, adding, "And then you see, for example, THIS is what an Erica Hauser looks like." I may be paraphrasing but he did say that last bit. I blushed and mumbled, "well, this one, anyway." I wonder if they will need some wood stacked while I am here. I'm sure I'll need the exercise if all the food's as good as the first meal was. After dinner I fled to the little art library and looked at books for awhile, slightly overwhelmed by the sudden social scene. I know it will be invigorating, I just need to ease into it, or maybe I'm just sleepy. I already like the feeling of being here in winter.

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