Wednesday, February 8, 2012

progress report

I usually forget to take photos of paintings in progress. I am working on a couple of pieces at the moment, and have also made a few small ones in the last couple days. Above, a 4"x4" 1st (or 2nd, if you count the black ground) layer, sketched in white. Cruise night. This is a simple one based on a photo I took a few months ago and I couldn't stop thinking about the colors of these cars (coming soon).
I started feeling better and made these 2 tiny collage-paintings. (These photos are not really in order)

I painted this my 1st full day here. It's only 5"x7". From a photo I took while driving (don't ever do this!) on the bridge over Lake Champlain, to VT.
Another painting in progress, a 2nd 'adding machine', but larger (16"x22"), and attempting to paint it more loosely. It's closer to done than not. Had started this at home and brought it with me to finish, thinking I want to enter it in a juried show in Woodstock, deadline this weekend.

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