Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This is what I made for the valentine show in Beacon, and realized that today I had planned to post a photo of it. A room turned inside out.
ceiling= metallic gold= radiance, strength, wisdom
red walls= heat, passion, vitality
knitted net= able to hold and cradle, but things grow entangled or fall through
night space skyfloor= the 'burden of starlight' inverted, another sort of net
hearts, caught or falling= love, of course, also bits of self, vulnerability, sweetness
Not that I mind if none of this comes through in the looking; I don't often make conceptual work and so my perspective might make more sense inside my head (as so many thoughts do, before they come staggering out blind and wet into the fresh air), but I am not particular as to interpretation. Happy valentine's day.

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