Friday, February 24, 2012

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At last it is really snowing up here in Vermont. Big white flakes, the kind that pack a mean snowball, though I use my creations for good not evil. Snowman tomorrow, and a field trip. This called for some snow tunes:
The above is 9"x12" oil on canvas. Partly based on a tiny collage I made. Red record player originally found in 1970s magazine ad.
Before that I'd done this Chevrolet night sign last week, 9"x12" acrylic on canvas. I am sliding into the flat, graphic look lately, but hopefully with a sort-of depth of field.
Tropic Cinema, painted over a week and a half here. From one of my photos during our afternoon in Key West. 14"x20" acrylic on canvas. Also flat (am I also achieving that depth or is it in my head?)
And another figure drawing that I am quite proud of, this was a long (almost 2-hr) pose and I had time to spend on both hands and feet and face which I usually must only hint at. Not too graphic though. Pretty, right?

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