Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year

Guess that says it all, for now. The last days of 2011 passed quietly. Recent conversations with various people have left me thoughtful about future p-p-plans and ideas, along with some looking back on the past five years or so. Resolutions are gestating.
I need to accomplish a decent amount in my studio this week, for a couple of shows I will be in, and another that I am hoping to be accepted to. January is a groundwork-laying month, and I must shake the tinsel from my hair (a feeble joke; I did not do much celebrating this holiday season, though there was love and time with family/friends) and get down to it, including other possible applications and attempts.
I am going away next week for an unprecedented early-winter cruise through sunny climes and blue waters, with some of my family who've invited me along. It would be a stretch to call this a one-week artist residency on a big ship, but I am planning to take photos and maybe do some drawing. Maybe I will get to snorkel and see many-colored fish. I think there will be waterfalls. I'm looking forward to it. It will feel even better if I am able to do some good work before I go.

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