Wednesday, December 28, 2011

reference section

This post's title sounds like I'm talking books again, but now I'm about pictures. I've been looking at some of my friends' photos online, things they see either on vacations or just going about their everyday lives, casting an observant eye all around. I admired many of these shots and it made me want to look over my own photos from this year. These four, obviously, fall into the facade-or-object category. Some already seem like paintings in themselves, like the wall above with the faded paint store sign. I don't think I could add anything if I made my own painting of it, but it inspires me with its ghostly letters and whitewashed colors, those little squares, a random sign and streetlamp. I like making little groups of my photos and seeing what ideas come to mind. I title many of them (straightforward titles like most of my ptgs have)and when I type some word into the search box, it's like a mini curated show pops up, even if the theme is only "green", or "wall", or "cookie".

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