Monday, January 23, 2012

steady drizzle

Of course, 2 days after I mentioned my appreciation of the lack of snow, it snowed 5" here. But the novelty and relative gentleness of accumulation made it okay. It's already melting and I've been for some long walks with the dogs I'm caring for this week. Last week I was tending to a different friend's dog. I like dogs, we always had some while I was growing up. I've never owned one due to my style of life thus far, but it will happen eventually, along with a few other things I haven't done yet, due to that style of life. Trying to move toward some of those kinds of changes. Some happen whether I am ready or not. Some I need to work at.
The 'drizzle', in addition to referring to today's weather, describes the rate at which I've been producing lately. No downpour and nothing too splashy, but the images flow. Here are a couple more painting-collages on paper.
I also made a piece for a Love/Lust show slated for February in Beacon. I'll post it next month. It incorporates a piece of knitting into the painting, new territory for me. I'd like to try doing more, I like the simple concept of looping yarn together using needles, the color and texture that happens. Maybe that's one reason I haven't expanded beyond scarves (except for the free-form vest I am hopefully finishing soon). I feel that the material fashioned is in itself a finished piece and I can try to use it to express ideas. Or else I am a painter-wannabe-textile artist. I've tried things in this vein before, such as stitching canvas together, but it's almost like learning a new language, or taking a dance class wearing winter boots.

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  1. Dang - I love These! Sooooo cool! How big are these paintings? Hey, im gonna have a studio set up starting the 1st.. Back to painting. Come visit!

    Lemme know how much these paintings are too