Thursday, January 19, 2012

watercolor sketches

Was it only last week that I was in the Caribbean? I have been so cold this week, bundled in layers upon layers, that it seems like a long-ago sweet memory, of warmth and color, waterfalls and tropical drinks. But here are a few watercolors I did there. Some fishies from the deep blue sea. My niece Emily, drinking a (virgin) strawberry daiquiri/pina colada, which with her white hat made for an irresistible picture. And a cluster of green leaves in Key West. I thought I would immediately make more sketches from my photos upon my return, but it feels weird to paint such things now. Well, maybe it'll be a nice escape, helping me to overlook my big boots and numb fingers. I'm glad there has been no snow, only cold temps, for it makes working outside much less of a hassle. Last year, with steady snow cover for over 2 months, every stacking job was a huge drag. Ice, shoveling, piles of snow, frozen wood, ugh, yes I still think it's pretty but not when I have to work or travel in it. I'll probably be doing some snow paintings soon enough.

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