Tuesday, January 3, 2012

paper trails

Another adding machine, from the same place (in Cerrillos) as the blue one I painted. I like it as a drawing, too, graphite and colored pencil, 6"x8".
Paint and collage on paper, also 6"x8". More material from my trove of old road maps.
Paint and collage, the truck is a photograph I took. When I cut it out it looked like I'd already painted it. 4"x4" on 6"x8" paper.
Had been holding onto this map I'd cut from the newspaper last year, the 'Seamen's Bank for Savings' Rapid Transit Map of NYC. I didn't know how to integrate it into a collage, and realized I just liked it as is, for its vintage and for the amusement factor (maybe it's just me.. I'll leave it at that). Also 6"x8".
A couple of these I might put into a 6"x8" works-on-paper show to raise funds for the next Beacon Open Studios (in April), hence the size. I have enough ideas and material to make twenty of them, so maybe I will keep going. Yesterday I also helped dismantle the Beacon bicycle tree (constructed by a local sculptor and installed for the holidays) and started knitting a sweater, which may be a vest or an altogether new garment, depending how it goes, considering I've never knitted anything other than scarves. I'm not using a pattern, but I'm feeling optimistic about it anyway, for some reason. It's gotten very cold this week.

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