Tuesday, January 17, 2012

on view

My two paintings in the middle, above, Yellow Chevy and The Spot, are currently in a group show at Skylight Gallery, 538 West 29th St in NYC. It opened last Thur and runs through Feb 18.
Gallery hrs: Mon- Fri 10-4 variable, Sat. 12-5 (ring doorbell weekdays)
I'd exhibited them in the Concrete show in Cold Spring this fall, but they needed a city airing.
3 of the new 6"x8" works on paper are in The Big Draw at Mill St Loft's River Center in Beacon through Jan 28. Gallery hrs: Sat/Sun 11-3, Tue & Thur 9:30-2:30, Mon & Wed 9:30-11:30. On the 28th there's a party/drawing rally, in which I'm participating, 7-10 pm. This means drawing in front of people, which is not something I get to do often and therefore consider it a way to exercise those slightly dusty 'spontaneous creation' skills. Also the social skills. As my niece says, always a plus.
I did not get accepted to the two juried shows I recently entered, which makes me not really feel like entering juried shows anymore. According to an insider I did make it to the final rounds in one of them, but the truth is, even with a juror statement you never know what kind of show they're looking to assemble, nor what they see or don't see in your submission. There are good reasons to selectively apply to these shows (like the chance for a new batch of eyes to see my work), which is why I occasionally do, but it also feels like a fairly random effort. Acceptance is good, but I'm not even sure what it says about my paintings, anyway (and I believe I'd say that even if I did get into everything). I think I'm also sometimes looking for thoughtful criticism, something to push up against. Guess I'm seeking this across the board. I do sell my work, which helps fund the making of new work, and is a different kind of encouragement. Perhaps I want it all, feeling strong and vulnerable in equal measure.

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