Sunday, January 15, 2012

paradise, lost (for now)

Back in cold New York again. The week sure did go by quickly. Was I really on a ship two days ago, surrounded by nothing but blue sea and sky as far as I could see, glimpsing silvery flashes of flying fish leaping out of the waves? Docking at tropical islands? Remembering the sensation of snorkeling, first thinking I couldn't possibly breathe through that thing, then just going for it, putting my face in and being spellbound as I drifted through this underwater world of coral and fishies, silent except for my own breathing. Also, the feeling of a stingray's velvety underside against my back, and the way it sucked up a squid snack from my cautious hand.

This was in the aviary at Turtle River Falls, Ochos Rios, Jamaica.
We had a private tour of the rainforest gardens and the waterfalls.
This picture is from when we were snorkeling in Grand Cayman. And swimming with stingrays. During which I didn't take any photos. The water was so clear and blue!
Bird of paradise. Everything was so huge and greenly lush, ten-foot-tall versions of our little houseplants. Poinsettias in the rainforest? Pimento allspice, a tree? Golden pothos climbing to the sky, and more varieties of palms than I could know. Then we were off to climb our own waterfall (Dunn's River Falls) along with hundreds of people, which was slightly strange, but I loved it, so much fun. I ate abundantly and slept deeply, I stood on our wind-whipped balcony each night and watched the ship cleave through black space, churning white foam in its wake.

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