Monday, August 1, 2011

back to better

Ended up not posting "bits that I like from the book", nor posting at all. More like living the traveling life for as long as I can get away with it, which won't be much longer. I was at my sister's in PA again for a few days, a quieter but pleasantly activity-filled visit. Then, with a couple more days off, decided semi-spontaneously to drive the five hours north through PA and NY, to visit Better Farm again. Just for a couple days, then back to Beacon. As I drove, the landscape opened up to rolling green hills and wide skies and I passed fewer and fewer cars (after an unfortunate traffic snarl early on, which with no air conditioning on a hot day is some sticky business), pulling into the driveway by the art barn in early evening.
I met the current (very cool) artist-in-residence and talked to my friends, gaped at the abundant garden- so much growth in a month's time- and slept in the birdhouse again, falling asleep to the chorus of insects outside (much more of a racket than in June's cooler nights, when it was mostly the occasional coyote or whippoorwill) and waking at dawn to the birds. This morning I picked beans in the garden and worked on a painting in the sunshine with my friend, which we were doing on a metal sign found in the shed. I've kept up with Better Farm through their blog, but it's lovely to actually be here, and the driving, even long and solitary as it is, gives me open space to think open thoughts, and more images and ideas from which to draw.

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