Friday, August 5, 2011

hopper to hauser

The other night I dreamed about Edward Hopper. We were talking, I wish I could remember more, but he did tell me to go and paint. I recall trying to text someone about this amazing incident but my keypad didn't have enough letters to use. I'd like to have found out what he thought of my work.
He probably was on my mind for several reasons in addition to his being one of my influences: because I read and reread a great section about him in that Art of Travel book I just finished; because, being regularly on the road myself this summer, I thought about him making his many cross-country drives between NY, NM, Mexico and then Maine, painting what he saw; and because I'm considering the current call for entries at the Edward Hopper House in Nyack for their annual Small Matters show, deadline Aug 8. I had a piece there in '06 but not since. The theme is 'interior/exterior'. Unsure if I can meet the requirements, though I'd still like to visit the house again. Maybe when I'm in Westchester after stackings I'll make the trip over the Tappan Zee. I end up doing all sorts of things as add-ons to wood-stacking days, as it takes me all over the region; for example, there's an antiques/junk shop way over in Pound Ridge that I like to visit for glass bottles & kitchen tools.
For today, I stay in my little blue-floored studio in Beacon, all moved in, and take Hopper's advice and get to work. Who says I never take advice from anyone? I wonder how he'd advise on other stuff. Maybe for further consultation I need to wait for more artists to appear in my dreams. Artists are known for their sound, reasonable, well-thought-out decisions, right?

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