Monday, August 22, 2011

leaf series

milkweed. Pulled from the nearby field, flowerless and oozing sticky white.

peppers, green.

sunflowers. In a future drawing I'd like to tackle the intricate Fibonacci spirals of the center.

morning glories. By the time I'd finished, the single flower had furled itself tight as a fist.

crabapple branch, before the fruit was plucked and roundly smacked.

Here are 5 of the 18"x24" pencil drawings I did at the farm last week. I think I'm going to keep on with this series now and then. I like drawing leaves and plants, and this is a bigger format than I've done before. It's a good way to revisit the process of really looking at something for a while as I draw, seeing how my hand renders it on paper. All while flicking away bugs and bits of grass, or taking a short break for a baseball game using crabapples, which you can satisfyingly obliterate with a swift crack of the bat.

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