Thursday, July 28, 2011

transient places

I've been reading The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton, a book that lived on my shelf for a while and that I recently pulled out of a box. Seemed like a good time for it, as its themes are a current preoccupation of mine. He explores the ideas of transient places, modes of transport, the inspiration or disillusionment or the sense of returning to ourselves that we may find on our journeys. The anticipation and departure, the experiences ranging from mundane to sublime or both at once. Curiosity. How to process the abundance of information that we may receive, using it to enhance our lives, or sometimes how to pull the covers over our heads when the overstimulation gets too intense.
I wasn't even away for that long, but the combination of being in different environments, with new people, along with all the new thoughts I've been having about my work and how I want to continue.. along with that intensity of emotion I tend to experience... makes me feel like raking it all into a big soft pile, collapsing backwards into it and taking a nap. Bringing it back again to.. where's a good place to do this kind of thinking? On the road, or while pushing a wheelbarrow, or in the studio, whether that's inside or outside. Tomorrow I will include a few bits that I like from the book, as the talk of covers and napping has done its work.

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