Thursday, August 25, 2011

shake and make

There was an earthquake the other day. Apparently rumbles were felt by others very close to where I was, but I didn't register anything. I was outside at the time, and the woodpile didn't even wobble. My life usually feels pretty unsteady anyway.
This weekend there is a hurricane slated to hit here. One guy canceled his delivery tomorrow cause he was afraid the wind would "blow the wood around." Those kinds of people you can't even reason with, I mean, it's not exactly a bunch of twigs.
I spent the day making pieces for the kind supporters of my (Kickstarter) fundraising efforts for my NM residency, and listening to the news about the storm and the uprisings. Some paintings I'd done out there but I was just finishing them up. Also little tiny drawings. I'll feel good about getting those out. I haven't talked to anybody today so my words feel sort of formless and blobby in my head.

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