Sunday, August 21, 2011

august notions

In the 10 days since I posted last, it's gone from being early-mid August to suddenly feeling that the month is drifting to a close. To me it still feels decidedly like summer though there are not as many birds at dawn as there were in June. I'm never in a hurry for summer to end, but I like noting the subtle changes in the weather, the light and the sounds of the outside. Last weekend I crisscrossed NY State again, first to my brother's, a great visit (and where I took yet another moon photo, this time an orange moon over blue farmland), then up to Better Farm again for a few more days. I know I'm getting used to driving around when 3-plus hours on the road is no big deal. The days still feel leisurely and stretched out. In Perry I presented the Rufus Smith painting to its new owner, always an intense moment, but it was met with genuine satisfaction, I believe, and that always feels good. I made some 18"x24" drawings, sprawled in the grass or on the deck, of things growing around the farm. I also painted the birdhouse's rainwater barrel, and this "better be" mural in the main house. The painted piano with cascading morning glories is a permanent installation there which I like. On the drive back I detoured to the Fenimore art museum in Cooperstown to see an Edward Hopper exhibition, mostly drawings and some paintings. I liked seeing it shortly after that dream I had. Unfortunately, I didn't get accepted to that Small Works show at the Hopper House, a small disappointment, but I just need to research, or create, more opportunities for the fall.

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