Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I admit I've got a few emotionally-related things going on lately that've made me feel more frayed than the persistent piece of string that walks into a bar (neat tie-in to a past post). This is not exactly the rarest occurrence for me, but it's not something I planned to blog much about. The idea is to balance this potentially derailing aspect of my nature with the part that often makes me feel better, that is, the art part. In the past few days I did enter 3 works in the Hopper House show; even if I don't get in, the entry fee is my donation to a nice spot. I also painted some free furniture I'd scored and a small room in the Brewster house. When I'm a bit off my game, it still feels good to dip a brush or roller in white paint and slather away. So does baking cherry cakes, which I've also been doing, and running around the yard in the pouring rain (much more fun and cathartic than stacking wood in the pouring rain).
Sadly though, the recent rains caused the cancellation of Electric Projected, a much-anticipated, long-planned art event in Beacon involving large-scale animated projections on a factory building, an awesome collaboration of numerous artists and local sponsors. The hope is to fund a rain date, to which purpose I will post info when it is available.
Did I mention though, how happy I am in the new studio? As soon as I enter, I feel more focused and calm, I've created a designated separate space to do whatever I want to get done. It's different than wandering over to the corner of my apartment I'd designated as 'studio', but on which other stuff-of-life inevitably encroached. I used to like the overlap of everything, but it's not always helpful if your mind tends to go all over the place.

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