Friday, April 27, 2012

I installed paintings at the popsicle shop as part of this weekend's Open Studios. The concept of 'open studios' is interpreted widely in Beacon, as many artists choose to show their work in a variety of locations (including parked moving trucks in a pop-up 'city'), rather than in their actual workspaces. Grouping together makes sense, cuts down on visitors' legwork and increases foot traffic, hopefully. That's what I'm anticipating, being on Main St. Popsicle proximity is a bonus, as well as a ringside view of the Beacon Barks dog parade Sat. 
 The pop paintings in the window are a piece I did for Windows on Main a few yrs ago & he left up, as people seem to like them. Inside, some recent (and a few not-so-recent, but appropriate for the theme) paintings on the chartreuse wall. Also some on the white wall opposite. 

 It may be clear I am having a bit of trouble with the format of my blog. Text and photos in some random configuration is about all I can handle at the moment. Back to the paint. Spent yesterday afternoon helping to finish a friend's big dog sculpture for the parade float.
One of my paintings, Riviera Marquee, was accepted to the Art Along the Hudson show, opening next month in Cold Spring.

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