Sunday, April 22, 2012

roll playing

 Last night I went roller-skating with friends for my birthday. Here are my feet in striped socks & skates and my friend Faith's feet in dainty shoes (she declined to skate, and remained alongside the rink for support and laughter as we careened around). Fun!

Bathtime, 6"x6", acrylic/collage
 I had painted this 1800s bathtub over a year ago, but it had a dark plain background and never really clicked for me as a complete piece (it was for a show themed "Submerged", so I thought "Tub" but didn't think beyond that). Needed a patterned wall (painted) and floor (collaged), and a little clock. For some reason I am more satisfied with it as an environment.

Window Letters, 20"x24", oil
I'd posted a close-up of the letters recently; here's the finished painting, a storefront on a bright sunny day. I didn't need to do much to the composition as I found it interesting and vaguely strange. I did simplify the lines of the building as I felt it seemed to fit better with the letters.

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