Sunday, April 15, 2012

some days just gleam

I awaken with this thought. Yesterday was one of those gleaming days, it seemed to stretch on and on, the way clear warm spring days do, and I close my eyes and sink into the memory. I spend the day close to home (Beacon-at-large being my home, since I still have no fixed residence), first waking early and feeding my friend's wonderful dog and cat whom I took care of the past two weeks. Later, at the house of other friends, I help weed and plant in their garden. In the afternoon, I pick up the dog and meet someone in town to take out lunch from Homespun and eat it by the falls. We wander over to a music event happening nearby, mingle in the crowd. Then we go down to Madam Brett Park and walk the trail along the creek and the marsh, which comes out by the train tracks. We cross over and scramble up the steep slope connecting to the other side. We continue on the river trail and climb the hill back up to town. I have carefully planned our long route to ultimately pass the ice cream shop, so I get us a couple of cones and a water bowl for the dog. Main St is lively with people strolling in the early evening light. We stop by galleries and chat, plan to meet a couple of friends for dinner. Later, we settle around an outdoor table, order beers and food and talk for hours. Another friend joins us, the night wanders on. We linger late on the sidewalk laughing loudly over anything.
I love warm days when I am nearly constantly outside, when I can smell the air and the sun in my clothes, my skin. Today, I repainted part of a painting to make the sky a deeper blue, and bought fresh milk and eggs at the farmers market. This moved me to make cookies.
I think I'll have a job at a nearby farm, but it won't start til June. Until then I am being resourceful, gathering bits of work like twigs and string for a summer nest.

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