Saturday, April 7, 2012

those dummy light shirts

I just reinvigorated my Beacon dummy light t-shirt marketing, such as it is. I started making them a little over two years ago, encouraged by friends after exhibiting the painting, above (8"x10", acrylic). "Will people really buy them?" I wondered. I quickly sold out of the first run of 100, which I had printed right in town, and since then have been steadily releasing them out into the world. Mostly the local world. Though when I had them at my table in the city, I sold a few to European tourists, which tickles me. This week it finally occurred to me to post purchasing info on the Facebook pages of a couple of groups for longtime Beaconites, former or current, and received a flurry of orders. I have liked hearing about the word-of-mouth publicity the shirts generate, but a little enterprising never hurt. This spring I also have my new Texaco-crew shirts, which are less of a sure sell, but I think they may appeal in a similarly offbeat way. As explained in that post, the image represents another piece of Beacon's past (or rather the surrounding region). Spring is here and it's t-shirt time again. It makes me want to do more, like ones with a truck on them, but I need to generate more sales first, and then it's just a continual cycle and I suspect I never actually make any money from these ventures. Beyond a quiet satisfaction.

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