Thursday, April 5, 2012


We have eased well into April since I posted last. This collection of photos includes:
~Easter egg cookies I made & decorated for a local cafe this week.
~A portion of a painting I've been working on, which is a 20"x24" version of a small (6"x8") picture I did a couple years ago. Letters in a storefront. I will post the whole image upon its completion, but this is one part I particularly like.
~A little watercolor of daffodils.
~A window display in Mt Morris, an upstate NY town near my brother, with vintage faded aqua theme.
~I actually had a stacking job the other day, and as I went back and forth, the longtime customer came out with a delicate cup of cappuccino, topped with a dollop of foam and chocolate sprinkles, and placed it atop my wheelbarrow. No, this does not happen often.
When I look at these photos they seem kind of weird together but that is what my life is like, bits of all different things.
I have been making a few prints and getting some work ready to show at the upcoming Beacon Open Studios, April 28-29. This time around I will be in a space on Main St (the beloved popsicle shop), not in my studio, which should be more conducive to visitors.

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