Wednesday, December 21, 2011

winter's eve

I'll think I have something to write, a handful of thoughts from car-time, stacking wood or what have you, then I realize it isn't much. Not that this will prevent me from blogging about odds and ends. That's usually what it is anyway, the bits that comprise the whole. Then I hear more interesting news about other people's doings, and all at once I'm not sure what matters.
A few paintings. A Hanukkah candle's glow against a dark windowpane. The travel mug that keeps my drink hot for hours. A lamp made with a blue glass insulator from a telephone pole, gifted to me by my friend who owns an antique store. Knitting. The fun of getting my gifts ready for everyone. A couple of museum visits. Cookie baking. Twelve drawings of desserts for a downloadable coloring book. (When this becomes available, I will post a link for crayon-wielders.) Red shoelaces. (Speaking of minutiae, just read some of the shoelace reviews on Amazon, and regain perspective.) Helping decorate my friend's 'pagan pine'/'christmas tree'. Trying to keep an eye on what's happening out there, while also trying not to get overly caught up. Finally finding where I stashed my winter hats last March when I packed my stuff away and winter seemed distant. But it came again (or rather it will tomorrow), and I've laid my hands on all items wool, cashmere, fleece and the like. Ready for another candle and to celebrate the light returning, imperceptibly but surely, to our corner of the world.

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