Monday, December 12, 2011

stacked wood chair

Usually my stacks are of the fairly straightforward variety; I have a lot to complete in a day and most customers favor the basic 4x8 row stack. Schlepping the wood to wherever they specify is enough work as it is. So I don't have much opportunity to be creative on the job, though I do take some pride in my sturdy, well-constructed, even aesthetically pleasing structures. Years of experience have schooled me in the methods of fitting together those split and seasoned pieces of hardwood. When the opportunity arose to fashion a chair of sorts out of a friend's recently delivered woodpile, I rose to the task. Temporarily comfortable, minimally upholstered with a layer of bark (a Bark-a-Lounger? my friend offered, out-punning me), the thronelike seat provides a rustic resting spot, at least til he needs to burn it.

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