Saturday, December 10, 2011

every trip a treat

Five mini collage paintings (2"x3") in the series of small works using old 40's & 50's road maps. I cannot figure out how to make the photo bigger, but if clicked on, I believe it will be easier to see. I recently found a few more maps in a used bookstore, so I may continue these for awhile, especially in the between-times when I am not getting work done on larger paintings. Putting these elements together often generates new ideas for composition, plus I find them kind of amusing, these tiny scenes comprising a sort of American-road-trip narrative. The sunset one I'd painted in NM and, when I placed the little car in the sky, illustrated that 'driving into the sunset' sense of adventure. Endless possibilities along the way, as long as your car is well-equipped, and if you need any tune-ups, friendly service stations abound. I even like reading these largely pre-interstate maps, their helpful tips and courteous tone, their (sometimes unintentionally humorous) rules of the road in different cities. I'm not idealizing, it's just a project, though I know it's my own imagined nostalgia that these images appeal to.

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