Tuesday, December 6, 2011

sky fireplace

I've been seeing a lot of sunsets lately that remind me of fires burning in fireplaces. I'm outside quite regularly at dusk these days because the sun is setting earlier, while I am still out working. This one I glimpsed through the tangle of bare branches in between tossing pieces of wood up over a railing onto a deck several feet above my head.
As is evident with the lack of actual artwork on my blog lately, I have not managed to get any painting done in a while. I am working on some more mini collage-paintings, also map-inspired, but I have other materials I plan to sift through. I am hoping to paint again soon, but have not spent much time in the studio, been stacking nearly every day, aside from being upstate with my family and generally stumbling along. Little bits of ceiling are still falling onto my worktable in my studio like early winter flurries, a fine dusting.

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