Tuesday, July 5, 2011

loose ends

face painted by niece Lauren (7)

Concrete Gallery, Cold Spring
Yellow Chevy from NM (yeah, same perspective as the blue truck) & some collages
Really, I did not plan this color scheme. But I like it

I thought maybe everything could be framed in terms of a residency. Life as art as life and all that. So, the day after returning from upstate NY and installing the show, I completed a 2 1/2 day residency in PA at my sister's house with (most of) my family. I brought red & blue paints and paper and instigated a painting party with my nieces and nephews, making decorations for our 4th of July festivities. We swam and played games and ate flag cake. Now I'm back in Beacon and feeling like everything is catching up to me, from tasks to thoughts to emotions by the truckload. Admittedly this is not too unusual but it feels somewhat overwhelming right now. It's easier to feel optimistic in the summertime, though. I sold a small painting already, and while I was away I'd sold four dummy light t-shirts and earned a % of proceeds from my art guitar. Among many things, I'll be posting new images on my website, getting prints & paintings out to the people who helped support my New Mexico trip (making new prints from the new work soon) and filing the final report for my NYFA SOS grant for the Better Farm residency. Also, following up on the various new contacts & friends I've made in the past two months! Yes, I'm lucky to have had all of it.

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