Friday, May 31, 2013


It's the last day of May (and a hot one at that) and if I want to post some photos of flowers then I guess I can. From a recent trip to a family-owned farm market & greenhouse (Sunnycrest) upstate: 
From among all those sunscape daisies, this peachy one came home with me.

More sunscape daisies, some of my favorites. They fold up their petals at dusk and on cloudy days.


Another picture of those crazy daisies! Can't blame me. Could be a painting, or part of one.

I saw this tractor at Sunnycrest over 7 years ago and made a painting of it in 2006. The painting made its way to a show at the (Edward) Hopper House- rather a thrill for me- and sold in '07 after being on the Valley Table magazine's cover. I know I've posted it before, but there's always a new reason. 

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