Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the end of the rainbow

This is a portion of something I painted for an upcoming project I'm participating in. Am not sure if I'm supposed to be posting any pictures at all, yet, but again I could not help but share. (I recently posted a picture of another painting I did for a project that will have its own publicity, not knowing that they are asking people not to post anything yet. Oops. So I removed it til the time comes.) Therefore I won't actually say anything about this image, until it's time to promote, except that it's 24" in diameter across the car, that it's acrylic on wood, and eventually it will brighten someone's day. It already brightened mine.
It's a 1960 Edsel Ranger. ("new~ nifty~ thrifty") I would like to find one of those hubcaps with the 'E' in the middle.

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