Sunday, July 1, 2012

whatever happens..

Paintings arrived safely in Vegas. The poster for the TastySpace show:
I spent yesterday afternoon painting many little faces at Beacon Riverfest. I love the moment when I hold up the mirror so they can see their painted face and they break into a big smile. Sometimes they are shy (the small kids) but I can tell they like it, and it makes me happy too. The sun was hot, the music was good, and the balloons I blew up (helium) bobbed in colorful columns by the entrance. Tired by day's end, unexpectedly emotional, but everything dissolved after an evening dip in a friend's pool beneath the moonlight and a cold beer. Plus a tiny impromptu dance party, solid friends, and conversation on the corner of East Main by the dummy light at one a.m. in the warm summer night air.

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