Sunday, July 15, 2012

look who's chalking

 Here's photos of my work at the Perry Chalk Art Festival. On Friday I hung my show of 15 or so paintings at the Arts Council gallery there and held a reception in the evening (it will be up through July 27), and yesterday was chalking day, along with the farmers market, live music, vendors, and an outdoor food-tasting event. I hadn't fully planned my 5' square beyond a general idea of drawing an abundance of 'brain food', possibly engulfing the rusty Coca-Cola sign.
After chalking my fingers off for 5 hours in the sun (with a break to gobble 10 small plates of food), I started to wonder what on earth I was trying to convey, and all my fruits and vegetables started to look like other things. My brother helpfully pointed out that maybe that, in itself, was the (subtle) food for thought, to which I assented, gratefully.
I gulped bottles of water, crawled dustily around my square clutching bright pastel stubs and wondered if I'd bitten off more than I could chalk. I followed through with my Coke logo in hopes of highlighting the nutritional chasm between these elements. I suspected I should have gone with one of my non-food-related ideas, but I suppose I just wanted to draw a lot of stuff, and I wasn't the only one who had fruit on the brain. Summer= abundance. The milk was also because this area is home to many dairy farms. I like the detail shots, each one is a mini-composition. This morning's rain washed much of the chalk away, leaving colorful ghostly streaks on the concrete, and the memory of a good day.

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