Thursday, July 26, 2012

talking head

This evening someone came to my studio to film me for Chronogram magazine, for a short film that will be shown on their website, and it was easily one of the most challenging experiences of my life. Note I did not say 'excruciating', but I feel completely worn out, also giddy with relief that whatever I said, it's over and it's up to the filmmaker to whittle it down to something watchable. This is sort of how I felt after the interview for the short article for same publication, which went very well, but being in front of a camera with a bright light is rather a more alien experience. Though I haven't really been interviewed before either. This relative media blitz is to accompany their August cover on which my Ice Machine painting will be featured! I may well have mentioned this previously; I am excited about it, as it is a widely distributed magazine in the Hudson Valley, and my sneak preview of the cover assures me that the painting looks good.
Anyway, after I welled up, melted down and cooled off, I was able to pull some words together to discuss the cover image and my work and thoughts. The guy was amazing throughout all of this, and once I got going I was all right. I'm not sure why it is so difficult for me, I wonder if it might get easier if I did these things more often. I hope the opportunity does arise more, as it would mean that I had stuff goin' on, that more people were seeing my work and perhaps finding something in it they like. Thereby making it possible, even if it necessitates more talking, for me to keep painting.

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