Sunday, July 8, 2012


 This image on the left probably has a little something to do with why I ended up not posting this past week. I was visiting a friend on Nantucket for a few days, having a wonderful time that went by too quickly. Most of my non-loafing hours were spent scribbling out the action plan I ought to have been thoughtfully completing over the past 3 weeks, in preparation for the Bootcamp follow-up yesterday. (It still went well.) I did not demonstrate the best time-management, an ongoing challenge which I helpfully noted to myself in a long and optimistic paragraph. However, I gave myself credit for the other things I managed to accomplish in June: inclusion in the great circus show at Mad Dooley Gallery in Beacon (197 Main, through next Sat); preparing two solo exhibitions for July (after opening Fri, the Vegas one was mentioned briefly on this Arts Vegas blog, and the Perry one goes up this week); and submitting a painting for the Aug cover of Chronogram. So I felt okay lounging in the sun on that breezy beach on the 4th of July, later heading out to watch fireworks over the ocean.

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