Tuesday, June 25, 2013

two junes

I amuse myself with my adjacent calendars. The 1941 one makes the cheery note that '1997 dates are the same as 1941!'
1997 is so far in the future, I can't even imagine.
And the grass painting on my own calendar is from two Junes ago, way back in 2011.
I haven't posted any new paintings lately. Working on two; one of which, a closeup detail of an old taxicab, I'd begun last winter and put it aside to figure out whether it was worth trying to finish. I still didn't know, and of course the only way is to keep painting and see.
It's based on a photo I took in 2010, so while working on it I was remembering that day- I'd gotten slightly lost while driving, and found myself in an old junkyard full of weird cars. I will post it when it's done, since as usual I forgot to take progress shots. Same with the other painting, which is a large one of another 1960 Edsel from my vintage booklet. I'd painted one on the lightbulb, and then I had a long canvas and wanted to give that long car some space. Still figuring out the background. The car itself I repainted three times before it decided what color it wanted to be.

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