Wednesday, June 5, 2013

tedx long dock short talk

I'm going to give a five-minute talk at this event, coming to Beacon this Friday, June 7:

"A group of committed citizens is organizing a day-long event full of stimulating and inspiring talks on the impact of arts, culture, the creative class and entrepreneurship in the Hudson Valley.

Up and down the Hudson, our communities are reinventing themselves. In many there is a newfound optimism and a sense of civic pride. And it is boldness and creativity, not big industry, that are shaping the new economic landscape. Warehouses are being repurposed as microbreweries, sensational food is being coaxed out of our land, and our Main Streets, once desolate and deserted, are back, busy, bustling.
TEDxLongDock will challenge traditional views of economic development, and explore the vital role of the creative economy, entrepreneurship and the “creative class” to the longterm vibrancy of our region.

TEDxLongDock will convene the doers, the thinkers, the facilitators and the catalysts.."

The what? ;)

What will I be speaking about, one may ask? A bit about our rental space, Catalyst Gallery, a bit about the artist life, a bit about Beacon. That should occupy five minutes, and hopefully be passably interesting.
One of the advantages of speaking is getting to hear everyone else. Also, a nice lunch. Follow the link above to the site which has the full agenda and bios of each presenter. It will be quite a day.

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