Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the lightbulb project, newburgh


I posted a portion of this painted 4-ft wooden lightbulb a couple of weeks ago, so here it is in its entirety, both sides! It will be displayed for the next couple of weeks somewhere in Newburgh (across the river from Beacon). This poster here describes the project and the event; also see the site for more info about the festival.
I think the bulbs are for sale- it may be up to the individual artists. Mine is, though it might be fun to just install it somewhere for awhile.

This was the vision of the curator (Gerardo Castro) when he came up with the project:

"Public art plays two roles in a community: It helps to create an authentic sense of place and serves as a tool for revitalization. The higher people rate the beauty of their community, the higher their overall level of community satisfaction. Human beings crave physical beauty. We look for it in so many of the things that surround us, and especially in the communities and places we live. The Lightbulb Project is consistent with the vitality and soul of the community."

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