Friday, March 1, 2013

show cone

Carvel Sign at Night (6"x6" oil on canvas), 2012
I have posted this painting before, but it's up today because... this is a more nicely-photographed image.. it's not easy to avoid glare on a glossy black surface; it follows my recently posted Carvel drawing on yellow paper that was in the show at Catalyst; and because it is currently in a Small Works show at the Woodstock Museum, up through this weekend.

Our work at Catalyst is now down and the new renter, Rob, is installing his show. Among several interesting vintage objects was an old wooden cash register. The idea is that, in the context of the gallery setting, the antiques on display- which are for sale- will command a fresh eye. I'll post photos of his installation soon.

Below is a Saul Steinberg cartoon which I've liked since I saw it on a New Yorker cover a few years ago. February often does feel like something deep and dreary to climb out of. This Feb was not so bad, perhaps because starting the gallery occupied time and thoughts, and lent an air of optimism and excitement to the weeks. Even during the past few Febs, come to think of it, I've managed to stay afloat. The winter drags on, but shifting my focus to new projects helps, as did being in VT last year. I was realizing that I don't even much mind the subdued, grey-toned winter palette, as many people eventually do (especially after 4 months of it). I like the colors, they're part of the earth's natural cycle- at least this part of the earth where I've always lived. And then there's that secret wiggly anticipation of the greening when it comes, the knowing that it will.

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