Sunday, March 10, 2013

driven to subtraction

This photo had to be large, as the new painting itself is 30"x40", oil on canvas. I based it on a 2" collage which in turn was from a vacation map of the Poconos. I had pasted the image onto a wood block and just kept looking at it, wanting to go BIG, wanting to simultaneously reduce and expand the graphic image.
Various titles: Open Road; Red Car; Learning to Drive Backwards. It's all how you look at it. The painting is now in a show in Beacon called Home Coming, organized by the KuBe collective at 211 Fishkill Ave & open by appt through April 25. If possible, I'd like to see this work travel. In the meantime it may drive me to create more large paintings enlarged from tiny images- feels good to paint this way- gets me to clarify what the tiny picture doesn't show, making it at once simpler and more intricate. A story in three colors.

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  1. Love.... in this case bigger is better! Always been a fan, even from a distance.