Saturday, October 20, 2012


I have three paintings in this group show, in the building where my studio is:

From the press release:
"The exhibition brings together ten artists from the newly formed group, The KuBe
Collective, at Ethan Cohen’s Kunsthalle Beacon (KuBe). Finding Our New Fort does not
refer to a particular subject matter; rather it aims to be a reflection of the artists who
work in one building, under one roof, collectively."

"...Erica Hauser's small paintings are ironic observations of the familiar: a truck, stars,
and text. In the work, White Super, the word “super” barely fits the limits of the canvas..."

Combining the three subjects of my paintings, which the curator selected from my studio, together they form 'superstarstruck'. Also, the blurb above made me think about the element of irony in my work. Whether it's ironic in a literal way, or the other way around, it's whatever a viewer perceives, and I can appreciate that.
These are all previously exhibited pieces, but are installed in this large space in a new way and interspersed among many different kinds of work. The show will be up through the end of the year and is open by appointment.

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